Schools depend on bell schedules to communicate with the students when it is time to head toward their class, to get to the next class, or even clean up the lab for their current class. G2 Communicator allows for virtually unlimited schedules playing throughout the entire school, specific zones, or single classrooms.

The school staff may choose from more than 60 included audio files or upload their own custom files to the system. The staff may even create a playlist for special events. Setting unique colors for each schedule allows easy identification on the G2 Communicator bell schedule calendar, as well as setting exceptions for special events and holidays.


The time-honored tradition of paging an individual to contact the office seems almost forgotten in our modern school communication models. However, necessity for impromptu audio paging to the full campus or zones on campus will always be part of the school’s needs. The G2 Communicator Intercom Console is ready with a push of a button.


Email, SMS, Chat Application etc. make communicating easy. However, when you need the attention of the classroom, nothing is quicker and more efficient than the intercom call. With G2 Communicator, the office staff can quickly call the room and have a hands-free conversation allowing the instructor to return to teaching with little instructional time lost. When a more private conversation is required, G2 Communicator does offer a classroom telephone option.


G2 Communicator’s ability to connect with its devices is paramount to the system’s operation. G2 Communicator provides both passive and active information related to each device being online. While we would love to provide your school with all your required devices, we are aware of the investment in other equipment. For this reason, G2 Communicator works with a large array of SIP and Multicast devices.

Video Doorbells

Add a layer of visual security to any door in your building. Our line of VOIP video doorbell phone is fully integrated with our Intercom Console providing staff the ability to see the person before allowing entry keeping your building safe and secure.

Audio Alert and Visual Announcements

Crisis management requires communication and a plan. G2 Communicator quickly disseminates information throughout the building and beyond. With our pre-programmed audio files and your school’s custom requirements, G2Communicator will meet all your needs! Lockout, Lockdown, Shelter in Place, and more notification alerts are easily triggered from our Intercom Console, Web Interface, physical button and more. In addition to audio and visual notifications, key personnel are notified via email and SMS text.

The safety of your staff, students and parents is one of your top concerns, so let us help lessen your concerns. 

45 years in business. Thank you for trusting in us. 



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