Meet Merlyn

The digital assistant for teachers.

We believe the future of work is people using a digital assistant to be more productive and free to do what humans do best. 

Education-specific large language models. A safe, hyper-local AI platform. Natural language voice computing. 

Welcome to the next great leap in teaching and learning. 

Artificial Intelligence - Here to Stay

The question isn't "Will we use AI?" It's "How will we use AI?" And for those of us in education, getting it right is up to the choices we make today.

The best AI for education must operate on a school's own content and run on a domain-specific AI platform with large language models that don't hallucinate. And the tools that the LLMs power should eliminate tech friction and free teachers to focus on their students. After all, we want more human interaction in the classroom, not less.

We’re a team of scientists, engineers, and innovators working at the forefront of AI to reimagine how people and technology collaborate. Our first product, Merlyn, is the AI assistant built just for education. Merlyn brings the benefits of generative AI to teachers and students the right way.

45 years in business. Thank you for trusting in us. 



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