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We want to make doing business with us as easy as possible. We’ve included phone numbers for our main offices, and emails for order inquiry, order placement and inquiry on a particular product, or to get a quote. 

Please let us know if you’re not getting the help you’re looking for. 

We’re here to help you. 

Corporate Office & Warehouse 316-558-3849

St Louis Warehouse

Compliment or Complaint? 

We try our best to do everything correctly, and we’d love to hear about the times we’ve done things well. But, if we mess up, we want to hear about that too. 

We want you to be our long-term customer, and we can only do that by making sure that everything goes smoothly and exceeds your expectations. 

Please send me an email with any issues, 

good or bad. 


Thank you for your business. 

45 years in business. Thank you for trusting in us. 



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