Helping schools create safer 

learning environments

An integrated security solution from Axis gives you maximum protection for students, staff, and school property, but it also offers operational and educational benefits to make your school budget stretch even further.

Securing education

Axis network video, audio, and access control work together with intelligent analytics to build smarter, safer schools and campuses. Our education solutions help you make the most of your budget with insights and tools to efficiently identify, prevent, and mitigate security incidents. 

For an even greater return on your investment, you can also put Axis technology to work supporting health and safety, improving operations, and enhancing the learning experience. We meet challenges with innovation and build solutions that grow with you. 

As your partner, Haddock Education Technologies can help safeguard education – now, and for the future.

Axis solutions help you to prepare for a broad range of safety threats – from bullying, fights, and behavioral flare-ups to playground accidents, weather emergencies and even the rare active assailant. When combined with powerful audio and video analytics, our video surveillance cameras provide your security teams with early incident detection and situational awareness. Threats can then be isolated using automated access control to remotely lock school doors. And network speakers can help you broadcast important safety information from connected classroom intercoms or mobile devices.  

In addition to our security offerings, we can also help with live video streaming. 

Our live streaming cameras support distance learning for practical hands-on demonstrations and labs. 

They also broadcast school activities and ceremonies to those who can’t attend in person.

45 years in business. Thank you for trusting in us. 



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