To ensure easy, accessible 3D printing, the MakerBot Replicator+ comes with the Smart Extruder+ and all the standard features of its predecessor. A few of those features include an LCD display, an on-board camera, as well as USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connectivity.


SKU: MP07825
  • Print Technology
    Fused Deposition Modeling

    Build Volume
    29.5 L X 19.5 W X 16.5 H CM
    [11.6 X 7.6 X 6.5 IN]

    9,492 Cubic Centimeters
    [573 Cubic Inches]

    Layer Resolution
    100 microns [0.0039 IN]

    Material Diameter
    1.75 mm [0.069 in]

    Material Compatibility
    MakerBot PLA Material - Large Spool, Small Spool
    MakerBot Tough Material - Large Spool
    Additional materials such as bronzefill, copperfill, and woodfill (visit MakerBot Labs)

    Extruder Compatibility
    Smart Extruder+
    Tough Smart Extruder+
    Experimental Extruder

    Nozzle Diameter
    0.4 MM [0.015 IN]

    Print File Type