The Mini Media System is designed to complement projectors or flat panel displays by providing high quality playback of multimedia audio. The CA-30A amplifier distributes music and other auxiliary sound throughout a classroom at an affordable price.

With the Mini Media System's small design, the CA-30A and CS-12 speakers leave the classroom clear of wires. Once added to your classroom, upgrading your classroom to get all the benefits of Audio Enhancement is quick and simple. Just plug in the Audio Enhancement XD Receiver to the CA-30A Amplifier, turn on the microphone, and talk!

Mini Media System

SKU: XD-8001
  • With the Mini Media System’s small design, the CA-30 and CS-12 speakers can hide away out of view leaving the classroom clear of wires. The Mini Media System is also easily upgraded to the Mini Classroom System, which includes a microphone.


    The Mini Media System offers these key benefits:

    • Flexible. The amplifier can be mounted anywhere based on your needs.
    • Crystal-clear sound. Experience ideal audio for your multimedia devices.
    • Truly affordable. Fits any budget.
    • Compatible with IR and XD technologies