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  • Contact Existing Customers - Take your customer list that we will provide and begin to introduce yourself. A personal visit to their school is preferred. Emails and phone calls generally aren’t the best “first impression.”

  • Contact Target Customers - In addition to our existing customers, we want you to identify up to 10 “target” accounts that you want to go to and introduce yourself. These can be any accounts - close to your home, where your kids attend, someone you may have worked with in a prior employment-and just say hello.

  • Work to Close Deals - We will provide you with the most recent sales forecast for your territory. Even if your territory has been open for a while, we have continued to work the accounts. Take that list and combine it with your objective to meet all current customers, and let’s see if we can close any business. Get to Know Your Territory - Work to get to know your territory boundaries. Study the territory map and being making plans on how you want to attack it. As part of our mentorship, we will work with you to help maximize your efforts based on our experiences and insights.

  • Accurate Sales Forecast - You should be comfortable with the sales forecast procedure at the end of 60 days. Your forecast should be accurate based on the guidelines of the forecasting procedure.

  • Building Your Forecast - At the end of 60 days, you should have a sales forecast in place that is at least as much as your current monthly and quarterly target. We know that you will need at least twice the target amount, sometimes more, to reach a target, but at the conclusion of your first 60 days our expectation (and should be yours) is to have at least enough in your pipeline to equal the targets.

  • Work with the Experts - Working with our vendor partners in your territory will be critical to your success, both short and long-term. At the conclusion of the first 60 days, you should have scheduled and completed meetings with at least three “major” vendor partners in your area. These meetings will typically be 3-4 scheduled customer “meet-and-greet” type sessions over a two-day period.

  • Product Knowledge - We will work with you one-on-one in your territory, and with webex and training classes over the first thirty days (and beyond.) In addition to these events, we will also have opportunities to attend vendor sponsored webex events, and many online tutorials. Take advantage of as many of these events as you can over your first thirty days on the job in particular, and beyond.

  • Customer Contact - The first 90 days are often the most important in the tenure of a new education consultant. Perhaps the single most important part of this process is re-connecting with our current customer base. Our target is to have contact with the schools over the first 30 days. With trade shows, trainings, etc., this may be hard to complete. With that being said, there is NO reason to have not completed this within the first 60 days.

  • Sales Forecast - As you have learned to master the forecast process, and meet with every existing customer, the next step is turn that work into a viable sales forecast. At the conclusion of the first 90 days in the field, the goal is for you to have at least TWICE the required forecast in place to hit your current monthly and quarterly targets.

  • Submit a Business Plan - Work to complete your business plan, with the help of your manager, to put a working plan together for the balance of current year. Failing to plan equals planning to fail. The business plan is your plan, how you see the strategy required to achieve success in your territory. We will work with you to review it, but it is up to you to implement it.

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