Cleaning Instructions for the ActivPanel in Your Classroom 

Steps for Deep Cleaning the ActivPanel Glass

  1. Switch off your ActivPanel and disconnect the power cable

  2. Lightly apply 90% ethanol to a 100% cotton microfiber cloth *it is recommended to spray the cloth rather than panel itself **Do not apply liquids directly to the panel

  3. In a single direction, wipe down the cover glass of the panel making sure to avoid the narrow sides of the touch bezel *Do not apply excessive pressure to the glass

  4. After the application, dry the cover glass with a clean and dry microfiber cloth

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Promethean's ActivPanel Elements Series

ActivPanel Titanium
70" 4K, 75" 4K and 86" 4K

Enhanced Interactivity up to 20 simultaneous touch points and pen touch and palm erase

Multi-device mirroring lets teachers and students collaborate from anywhere in the classroom

Dual Proximity Sensors automatically warms up the panel when someone enters the room.  Can quickly get started with a tap of the finger on the panel

Teacher-friendly center console for menu, volume controls, source selection and more!

Front-facing speakers fill the classroom with full range audio and superior fidelty


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